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Welcome to Redretro

Redretro is an open urban art project. Essentially, it takes place through subtle poetic and critical interventions in the transportation networks of cities around the world.

In its search to create an alternative oniric transportation network, Redretro for instance works with the signage of metro stops changing them temporarily in strategic places, creating new names and public narratives, with the intention of offering other meanings and stimuli against the hierarchization of the urban environment. Likewise, it has developed critical dada performances denouncing certain management policies of the public space.

Redretro offers services to community, activist, and affiliated projects as cultural agitators, and urban mediators. Redretro is also sustained with the collaboration of sympathizers and volunteers that develop the actions, suggest new projects, and modestly assist economically to its existence and development. In return the Redretro offers resources and support to facilitate the development of interventions that – while displaying their own identity – typically do not leave aside certain Redretro principles such as doing no permanent harm, avoiding explicit chaos, and maintaining a critical perspective.

Redretro offers full services in English and enables local ties to facilitate other language needs. We are currently developing further resources including a full bilingual system of this digital platform. Redretro uses open source, and community based Drupal to develop its main digital communication presence. Drupal offers a great potential, with enough time and resources, to enable a dynamic multilingual platform. In the meantime, if you have any question, comment or request that could be solved in English, please, do not hesitate contacting us: info (at) redretro.net